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25 paypal, stars trade
  ilbh, Jan 12 2015

anyone interested in trading 25 on Paypal for 25 on Pokerstars?

I give you 25 on paypal, you give me 25 on stars

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25 paypal for 20 stars please
  ilbh, Jun 08 2013

25 my paypal for 20 stars? I send the money first

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really bad play... why??
  ilbh, Dec 12 2012

why is that everytime I have a really good session, the next one is retardly bad??

sometimes I play sooo well, but sometimes is the complete opposite.

I keep calling when I know I'm beat and I know it is a bad call.

I don't get why I do that. I could be making a lot of money, going up limits, but nope,
gonna lose everything I won due to bad play!

it's so retarded and frustrating.

how do I avoid that??

I really don't understand. it's so sad...

have it happened to anyone here? is there anything I should be doing to avoid that?
is there a reason I do that??????????

thanks for any help.

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